Curtis Mellen, PA-C

Curtis grew up in Havana, Kansas. A small rural community approximately 25 miles south of Independence. He attended high school in Caney. After being in the work force for a short period of time Curtis returned to school to complete his education.

He worked as a Emergency Medical Technician starting in 1985. After being a EMT he became a Para Medic in 1991. He taught EMT and Para-Medic students at Coffeyville Community College from 1993-2003. While at Coffeyville Community College Curtis took the prerequisites for becoming a Physicians Assistance and graduated  with a 4.0 average. Curtis completed the PA program and graduated from Wichita State and has worked with the Oswego Community Hospital since 2005. He works at the Oswego Community Clinic and at the Hospital.

"One area I really enjoy is having PA students in the hospital to work with. We currently have students from Wichita State here at the hospital very frequently. And we just set up a program with UMKC from the Kansas City area."

"This is a win for everyone. It helps them. And it helps remind me of where I came from. But they bring things in from the programs that can be new to me. So we both win."

"I remember one student, a lady from South Africa. She was brilliant. She not only knew the information but how to apply it. It was a lot of fun to work with her. And I remember one young man who reminded me of Sheldon Cooper on the "Big Bang Theory" television show. He seemed to have a photographic mind on anything he read."

"I would like to think I help them and they help me. I don't treat them like a student but as if they were already a PA."  

One area Curtis noted as the reason for Oswego Community Hospital being a very good facility to receive health care is the nurse to patient ratio. Typical low ratios allow nurses to deliver a very effective level of care. According to Curtis, "We don't know you by room number we know you by name."
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