Elesha Draeger APRN, FNP-C

Elesha Draeger APRN, FNP-C is a Advanced Practice Registered Nurse who earned her Master's Degree from Pittsburg State University after working with adults and children in the SEK area as a Registered Nurse.
As a Certified Family Nurse Practitioner, in the Altamont Rural Health Care Clinic Elesha says, "I knew what type of job I wanted to do from the beginning."
Elesha explains how some of the experiences she had a child influenced her career.
"There were a few, very few health care providors I had I really liked. They tried to connect. They had a good bedside manner. They explained things. There were many more that talked to my parents instead of me or talked over my head. "
She shared how there were no opportunities to ask questions or have things explained at a level a child would understand.
"I wanted to make a difference. I could see a difference in the comfort level. "
The results are visible and recognizable whether there is a smile, or if they are very a young the child they will even come closer to her. When the fear is taken out of the picture then person will also follow instructions and open their mouth for example. These simple things illustrate how the connection is better and the fear is gone. Parents can also understand more about what is going to happen.
"But then I am not going to lie them about this may be uncomfortable of painful. Many adults are also afraid of things such a blood draws or injections."
As Elesha has developed this style of Family Practice she has learned how it is a benefit for all phases of life. Taking the time to use words and terms that are recognizable to everyone.
Children, parents, elders all find at the Altamont Community Clinic a provider who made a choice at a very young age to make a difference in Rural Healthcare.
Family Practice covers a wide array of needs. Constant training and education offers a chance to relate the need in the community with the resources that people need.
"A lot of the time we are the front line as far as getting someone to a referral. We recognize the need. Otherwise they would not have that option. "
Elesha explains how a Rural Health Care Clinic has a unique opportunity to provide a service for people in need of accessible health care.  
"There is not a lot of specialists around. There isn’t a lot of other resources that people can get to, especially if you don't have a vehicle or they are elderly and can't drive."
"Sometimes we have to figure this out for ourselves and provide a full gamete of care. It is nice to be able to take care of the whole family in a small town, where you can actually get to know the people as well."


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