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Oswego Community Hospital offers swing bed care from post acute care requiring 24 hours skilled nursing services and rehabilitation therapies.

When you are over your acute episode but are not completely recovered this serves as a bridge before going home. We will provide the necessary care through a collaborative team approach to obtain the optimal outcome possible.

Some of the acute episodes that you might need further care would be: Surgeries, Wound Care, IV therapy, Physical or Occupational Therapy.

The Oswego Community Hospital Rehab & Recovery Program is for patients who are no longer critically ill, but require intermediate skilled nursing care and/or rehabilitation before returning home:

  • An alternative to a nursing home
  • Hospital setting
  • In-house Physician Care supervised by a Registered Nurse
  • Covered by:
    • Medicare Managed
    • Care Medicaid
    • Commercial Insurance

Plan of Care: We encourage family to be involved in care planning, at the patient’s request. The patient (and family) will be involved in updating care goals.

Planning for a continuity of care:
We provide information and referrals for services, as needed, to assist in the transition from hospital to community.


At Oswego Community Hospital, we treat the whole person - physical, psychological, social, cultural, and spiritual needs are all considered a part of overall health status.

We believe:
Aging is a normal process of living and not necessarily a period of mental and physical deterioration; Aging persons should be treated with respect and dignity; Aging persons should be assisted in attaining the fullest life possible; People have a right to health care regardless of age, socioeconomic status, race, sex, religious beliefs, or handicaps.

Flexibility for You, Your Family, and Your Friends:

No set visiting hours Pet Visitation: well behaved, housebroken pets are allowed to visit patients
Visitors may purchase meals and dine with the patient Cafeteria is open to visitors and patients for self-serve beverages
Under certain conditions, a family member may be allowed to stay with a patient: requires prior approval and a signed agreement.

Activities to suite your interests:
  • Group
  • Individual
  • Enjoy visits from Family/Friends
  • Activity Cart
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