News > August is Immunization Awareness Month.

August is Immunization Awareness Month.


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August is Immunization Awareness Month.

Everyone needs to stay current with our shots.  Vaccinations are critical to staying well and preventing the spread of diseases. It is not a surprise the adult vaccination rate remains low.

As moms and dads we want our kids vaccinated  but refuse vaccinations for ourselves. Some folks fear vaccinations may cause illness for example or autism in children. These are concerns that have been widely and scientifically discredited. With rare exceptions, vaccines are safe.

Oswego Community Hospital and community clinics are ready to help get you and your family up to date on vaccinations. The clinics are providers for the Vaccines For Children (VFC) program.

The goal of the program is to help protect Kansas children from vaccine preventable diseases by successfully immunizing them by age 2.

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